Item QT

The latest release from ITEM Software is an extraordinary collection of new capabilities that provides a customizable, cross-platform, multi-user, open frame-work.

Built on proven and recognized analysis engines, ITEM QT (iQT) is a revolutionary approach to reliability, safety, and risk analysis software tools.

With iQT, you are no longer limited by the technology choices of software vendors or chained to infrastructure requirements of their products.

Continue reading to learn more about the iQT design that provides a framework to suit all of your needs. To download the presentation please click here (PDF-File, 4MB).

IQT features are:

  • Customizable and Efficient Interface
  • Cross-Platform
  • True Multi-User Capability
  • Robust and Flexible Storage
  • Task Management
  • Powerful, Proven and Configurable Quantification Engines
  • Named Parameters
  • Open and Extensible

The preliminary modules fully released and currently available are the reliability prediction standards :

  • FIDES Guide 2009 (Electronic)
  • Telcordia SR-332 (Electronic)
  • IEC 62380, UTE C 80-810 (Electronic)
  • HRD 5 (Electronic)
  • Siemens SN 29500 (Electronic)
  • Generic Standard (Fully Customizable)
  • NSWC-06/LE10 (Mechanical)
  • NSWC-98/LE1 (Mechanical)
  • MIL-HDBK-217 (Electronic)

Further prediction modules coming soon include:

  • GJB 299B & GJB 299C (Electronic)